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This is an article I wrote with 2 colleagues from the UK Child Sexual Abuse People's Tribunal. It's published in the most recent issue of the UN Magazine, FREEDOM FROM FEAR, which focuses on human rights violations worldwide.


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This article appeared in Volume 16 No 3 2012 of Paradigm Magazine. The title is “Healing the Wounds of Military Sexual Trauma in Women”.


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Joyce Boaz, the director of Gift From Within, asked me to write an article on military sexual trauma (MST) for their website. If you are a survivor of military sexual trauma, I hope that it will inform you in a way that contributes to your recovery. If you’re the partner, friend, or family member of an MST victim, we hope that it will assist you in learning how to be an intelligent, sensitive caregiver.


The title of my article is “Military Sexual Trauma”. It assumes that you’re familiar with the term post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you’re not you may first want to read articles on the Gift From Within website by Frank Ochberg, M.D. His articles provide comprehensive explanations of PTSD along with more suggestions about how to help your partner if she or he is struggling with PTSD.


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