Book Chapter

Book Cover of First Person Accounts of Mental Illness and Recovery by Craig Winston LeCroy and Jane Holschub


Cathy writing in her office

On January 8, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others were shot during a “Congress in Your Corner” event in a Safeway parking lot. Not long after that tragic event I received a call from Craig Le Croy, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University in Tucson. He was working on a text book geared primarily for Social Work students, and asked if I’d contribute my story. I did. To be honest, I felt honored by his request, and eager to participate in this life-giving project with a member of the Tucson community.


My piece, entitled “Panic, Anxiety, PTSD, and My Experiences of Healing Through Multiple Avenues of Psychotherapy”, is in the Anxiety Disorders section of the text: Le Croy, C.W. & Holschuh, Eds., First Person Accounts of Mental Illness and Recovery, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012, pps.181-189. It is printed here on my website with permission from the authors and may not be reprinted for any reason.



On the second anniversary of the horrific Tucson shooting, as America mourned the dead in Newtown, Gabby and her husband, retired Navy Captain and astronaut Mark Kelly, launched Americans for Responsible Solutions to encourage elected officials to stand up for solutions to prevent gun violence.


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